Cinematography and the Ever-Changing Wedding Industry

By Stas Furman • SineMax Films

What does the bride think about when it comes to her special day and choosing a cinematographer?

One would say it depends on the bride and her priorities. The only thing most brides have in common is the desire for their special day to be absolutely perfect and to be captured for a lifetime.

Some of the couples have very creative ideas, but at the end of the day, they make the choice to stick with something that is very safe and traditional. It’s our human nature, knowledge is safer than the unknown, so we choose to stick with safe and predictable.

Few people challenge the norm and embrace the change.

Wedding cinematography has changed dramatically in the last decade. Long, boring, four-hour videos are a thing of the past. No one wants to sit and watch a long, drawn out video, and no one has the time. Instead we produce trailers and feature films that capture the essence of the wedding in a storytelling way.

While having only one cinematographer was a standard in the past, now the most common practice is to have multiple, which offers various angles of the video.

Obviously, there are also technological advances that allow us to not only capture the special moments of the day, but to portray all of the emotions of the people at the event. We now also can offer a view from the sky with the use of drones. New 4K resolution is the latest technological improvement, which offers an unbelievable quality to the film. Few couples are even aware of it and only few cinematographers offer the product, but this is something that definitely should be considered if someone is looking for top notch quality.

So what does this mean to a couple that is about to get married?

Don’t be afraid to be different and unique, and to bring your ideas to your cinematographer. You might be the one to start a new trend or a new breakthrough in wedding cinematography.

Stas Furman