Why Hire Professionals To Do Your Wedding Cinematography Instead Of Your Family Or Friend?

Why Hire Professionals To Do Your Wedding Cinematography Instead Of Your Family Or Friend?

Many couples often ask why they need to hire a professional cinematographer to film their wedding instead of their friend or relative. Although no one disputes the fact that photography is one of the essential concepts in the budget of each wedding; however, that is not so with the video, which, far from being considered the ideal complement of photos, is often considered secondary and dispensable.

In my opinion, the reason for this belief is found in the way in which the first cinematographers, until this day, produced their work. The work was done by people in need of adequate training in cinematography. Professionals are mainly concerned with up-to-date information on cinematography to offer the client the best "image," not neglecting various aspects in the production process such as the script, composition, duration and planning, the audiovisual rhythm, use of transitions, or image and sound adjustments during editing. On the other hand, an invited guest or your family and friend present at your wedding will not be able to provide an acceptable quality of image and sound for your wedding video. The reason is simple because they do not usually know the different aspects of cinematography. It is true that having a good budget is very important to carry out the best wedding video production or just any audiovisual production. It is not less important that professional audiovisual techniques are necessary to bring production to a successful finish.

This experience and professionalism involved in cinematography have shifted the wedding video to the background with regards to photography. In general terms, the pay by the client is not proportional to the time necessary to perform the work, which is also needed to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in cinematography, and the cost of equipment used. This has also caused a decrease in the number of couples willing to hire a professional to make their wedding video.

Today, the vast majority of guests at a wedding will carry a video camera and will have computers in their homes with sufficient resources to be able to edit the recording.

So why should you hire a professional to make your wedding video, if you can order it from a friend or relative, and have it for free?

The answer is because not all your friends or family, who bring a camera to the wedding, will be qualified to carry out the video production. And to record and edit a wedding video, or any other audiovisual creation, you have to control concepts that are above the simple fact of knowing how to press the recording button of the camera or knowing the operation of the editing program.

Normally, maybe with few exceptions, you will receive a video from a guest or family and friend that is usually long, that is not interesting to you and other people who see it. And after seeing it once or twice, it will be forgotten on a shelf.

From my perspective, the result of applying the concepts of cinematography to a wedding video production will be to attract attention, and that of all the people who see it, until the end, transmitting emotions and evoking memories. And that is something an amateur cinematographer cannot offer you.

If you have a limited budget and still needs the services of a professional and experienced cinematographer to keep your wedding memories afresh forever, you will still find the one that offers you a quality wedding video at a good value for money.

After all, the images and sounds of your wedding will be the only two elements that you and your future children will have to recount the memories of such a special day.

Stas Furman