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“Stas managed to capture unique details and made everyone look absolutely stunning. The final product exceeded all of our expectations. His level of passion and exceptional work ethic definitely shows in his final product.”


Stas Furman, the owner of SineMax Films, at an early age found his passion for capturing beautiful memories on film and creating a one of a kind product for each and every one of his clients. Stas has a unique approach to event cinematography unlike anyone else.  He truly caters to his Client’s unique tastes and preferences.  Most cinematographers offer the standard products which involve either no or a limited input from the client. What differentiates Stas is he creates a one of a kind product each unique and masterfully crafted for each individual.  He truly gets to know his Clients and knows exactly what they are looking for prior to the event. He aims to capture the very soul and heart of a celebration.  Stas’ innovative methods, impassioned style and true passion for his work have earned him long lasting client base who can really appreciate his approach and technique and who have become trusted referral sources over the years.  

"Months of planning and hard work goes into planning an event, but what I believe is most important is capturing it for a lifetime, to create a film which enchants inspires, takes your breath away, and can be enjoyed by generations forever."

SineMax Films provides event cinematography all around Unites States and destinations around the globe, and is available for a variety of events, from weddings, to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, to anniversary and birthday parties, to non-profit, corporate and celebrity events.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to creating beautiful memories together.

I would 100% recommend SineMax Films to anyone looking for a videographer for their wedding that they can trust and will give them a great quality product.
— Albert